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Special Needs & Adoptive Birds


Here you will find a list of birds, other than our hand fed babies, that are available at a low fee or no fee. You might also find other people's birds that we have agreed to list.

Retired Breeders

We have some fabulous birds that are older, but have many good pet years a head of them. We are looking for just the right, non-smoking, non- breeding situations, pet home for these sweeties, otherwise they will just stay here and enjoy the comforts they are used to. None of these birds will go to the same home, so please don't ask or expect it.

Goffin's Cockatoo

May 24, 2007 1 VERY SPECIAL - SPECIAL NEEDS GOFFIN’S TOO. with Cockatoo experience and lots of time to give to him.



1 normal gray male Cockatiel. He lost his mate and is about 10 years old, but has many good pet years left. He is friendly and does talk. It wouldn't take much to make him into a fabulous pet as all of our birds are interacted with on a daily basis. We've had Cockatiels live well into their teens and even reach the 20 year mark still healthy and active. [no fee, but rigid screening process]


1 Orange Face female Lovebird, lost her mate and no longer egg baring, but has many good pet years left. She is about 8 years old. She is very pretty, very healthy, active, and enjoys the company of people on her own terms. [no fee, but rigid, screening process]


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