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This is our brand new photo album page that will have pictures of our babies after they have gone to their new home and families. Anyone acquiring a special friend through us can submit their photos.....


This is Jay-Jay's Clutch-mate with

big sister Frog. Frog goes to

nursing homes to visit


Jay-Jay & Janet

Jay-Jay & Rick


This is Jay-Jay

At 4 months old, she went to live

in Chambersburg Pa. with

Rick and Janet. She loves

to give kisses and just general hang out

with her new family!

Jay-Jay will get more color as she

grows, but is already a beautiful


Jay is comfortable on her back to play and loves t odrink juice from a glass...


This is "Fido"

He is a silver cockatiel, though

here he looks cinnamon. He

went to live with Anna in NJ.



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