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I wouldn't necessarily pair these colors together, but they came as a pair and love each other.

Picture taken right after I got them.

A blue male [Tic Tac] and a green fallow male who has since then been paired with a blue hen. [Cephus & Celia]

Tic Tac looks a lot better now!

Pacific Parrotlets!

Pint sized parrots packed with personality!

Sophie is a lovely turquoise girl!

Pacific Parrotlets

Don't let their size fool you. Measuring about 5 inches full grown, these pint sized parrots are a true parrot. It is said that they are a cousin to the Amazon parrot.

They are feisty and endearing and will liven up any household. These little guys can be very affectionate and get attached to their care taken quickly. Treat them with respect as they are a true parrot and you will have a wonderful, devoted pet.

Like any parrot, they need routine interaction to maintain their "friendliness."

They are a highly intelligent like any parrot and this is evident when they are just a couple of weeks old. Contact us for availability.

Cephus and Celia's First clutch of seven.

This is a picture of a male American Yellow and a visual green hen.

This is not a picture of my pair, Sisika & Chief. I will get pictures them when they come out of their nestbox.

However, he is a visual American Yellow/green/blue and she is a visual green/blue/yellow.

This is the first generation of Parrotlets for me, but I have been raising exotic birds for nearly 30 years.
FYI, I do not breed visual to visual in the color mutations such as blue to blue or yellow to yellow.