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Parrot Code of Conduct

{For any and all birds}


This is not about how parrots should act. It is about how people should act around parrots.

Over the years, I have had so many people come to my home, and of course curiousity beckons them to the parrot cages. They may be personal visitors, or they may be visiting to look at a bird they might consider buying. Often times they are accompanied by friends who are just as curious. I am always willing to answer their questions about the parrots, and I have one that I will demonstrate how we can interact with her. We've had her for 20+ years and she is about as predictable as a parrot can get. I will walk over with the guest to the cage {s} and point out certain things about the parrot{s}, and since I position myself closest to the cage, the parrot is at ease. But at no time am I willing to take a parrot, that can dislocate a finger, out of their cage to interact with someone they do not know.

When I am not doing what I described above, I caution them about the parrots. "Please don't crowd the cage or stick fingers in the cage." Though they are not normally biters, I tell all visitors that they will bite. At times, these visitors do not heed my polite warning and begin poking fingers in cages, or offer their arm if the parrot is on a perch or somewhere outside their cage.

If you are a parrot owner, you know that this frightens the parrot, and a frightened parrot will bite!

And like other parrot owners, we simply do not want our beloved pet frightened and traumatized.

So here is a code of conduct designed just for curious visitors.