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Other Birds


This is a list and brief description and observation of other birds and parrots that have passed through our home and are available at certain times.

Since we do buy out of the nest from only selected, local breeders, we have been given the opportunity to experience rearing species other than what we raise in our home.


Maroon Bellied Conures

What a terrific, quiet, {as in volume} intelligent, little bird! Our very first exerience was with two clutchmates that came to us at aprox. 5-7 days of age. We've had others since then. Both had similarities that are normal to Maroon Bellies, but each had their own personality. Both were snugglers, chatty, and animated, but one was more out-going. They are very vocal, but it is not shrill. They tell you when you are not doing something just right and love to play little games and indulge in mock anger.They are very much the boss of the house in their little eccentric minds..

We noticed jealousy between the two when it came to human interaction, so when we separated them they did much better. This is unlike Cockatiels and Lovebirds who need the security of clutchmates as youngsters..
In the same instance, a single Maroon Bellied Conure reared with lovebirds was very effectionate with the Lovebirds...

They craved attention and were very acrobatic, twisting, turning, and doing somersaults. Before these guys were even weaned, we were hearing baby babble and by the time they went to their new homes, once weaned, they were saying "ok" and "what." Had they been allowed to live their lives on our shoulders, playing in our hair, they would have been the happiest creatures on earth.

Not much bigger than a cockatiel, they are packed with personality. Their colors are a vivid green with black, gold, and maroon and are similar to green cheeks in color and personality.

They are a quieter Conure unlike Sun Conures, Nandays, Jendays, and Blue Crowns which tend to have a shrill call. In our "small bird" birdroom, other birds such a Cockatiels and Lovebirds can be heard above them. They do have a comical chatter and you can tell when they have been anoid or offended.

They are a very loyal, fiercely loving pet.

Indian Ringneck Parakeets

These guys come in a variety of colors with the most known being green. Other colors include a powder blue, lutino {yellow} albino, turquois, and various pieds.

As hand feeding babies, they remind me of an Albastross or a Crane. As I feed them, they slowly rise on their long legs and big feet with a grace that you wouldn't expect from a baby parrot.

Kept together as babies, they tend to tune into that competitive instinct of 'the survival of the strongest,' and they squabble. So, I keep them in the same brooder, but in separate, small plastic crates about 7" by 7" square and later when they are bigger, they have their own brooder- feeding them separately.. This allows for a calmness at feeding time that smoothly flows into one on one time with them. They remain calm, trusting, and curious. What an elegant bird!

We'll have more information as we obtain new babies......