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We are a small scale, hobby breeder of exotic birds. Many of our customers have asked if we sell cages and other supplies. We have decided to make certain items, that we have for our own birds, available to others.

We have a limited quantity in some things, so get it while you can. Place yourself on our waiting list for our Organic Gourmet Parrot Mix..

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Organic Gourmet Parrot Mix

Nutrition, taste, texture, smell, and color are all important to your bird or parrot. In the wild, they spend much time foraging for their food and come in contact with vast amounts of edible mediums, and we will never know the full extent of this. Our mix caters to this basic need and we try to do so as economically as possible We also take a holitic approach by including herbs that have health benefits for both pets and people.

Due to the on-going debate about whether parsley is, or is not, toxic or harmful to exotic birds, we do not include this herb in our mix.For humans, parsley has a detoxifying benefit.

Consisting of:20-30% generic parrot seed mix, organic dried papaya, dried cranberries, golden and dark raisins, chili peppers, vegetable noodles, unsweetened cereals, unsweetened banana chips, whole flax seed, and organic seasoning and herbs [much of it is home grown and harvested-no chemicals used], along with other ingredients as they became available, seasonally, and within our budget.

This mix is primarily for larger parrots from Conures on up, but it can be ground down for smaller birds. A smaller bird mix will become available later on.

We sell it by the gallon zip lock bag for $12.45

Sample sizes $6.00

Sold on a limited supply and demand basis. We only make what we can use and sell, so it is fresh.

This particular chew toy measures 16 inches long and 5 inches wide. The thickest piece of wood is 3 inches in diameter. All wood is harvested from untreated trees, [no chemicals] then boiled and baked dry to remove any unwanted parasites. The pieces are left natural or dyed with fruit juices or Kool-Aid [no sugar] for color, smell, and flavor . PVC piping is used as spacers along with the wood and will stand up to strong beaks. Small, medium, large chew toys, and foot toys available at various prices. Listed soon in a photo gallery page.

The toys are my daughter's project and you will be redirected to her site by clicking on TOYS

These cozy tents are made to order. We do not guarantee a parrot or bird pattern with the material, but it will be colorful. Tents are lined with a soft fleece or flannel. There is a plastic insert in the floor to keep in stiff.

They come in small [as shown in picture] and medium.

Machine Washable.

$6.50 & $.9.00