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Our Previous Guestbook Entries



03/18/04 J ust checking out your site! Im in the process of buying a sun conure from you. I will be sure to log on here from time to time to let you know how things are going! Thanks so much!!




Hi, I bought a lovebird from you awhile ago. I was hestitant about it, but you convinced me that a lovebird is agreat little parrot to have. You were right!



04/04/04 We LOVE our lovie!

Thanks, The Kirkpatricks, Wmspt. Pa.


12/29/03 What a great xmas gift for our family. There is nothing sweeter than the sun conure we adopted from your establishment.He is being spolied. We would recommend you to anyone wanting to add a bird to their family. Thanks!

Kathy, Jerey Shore, Pa.


08/28/03 Gizmo, our lovebird is doing great! I'm glad we found you!

The Sandvilles, Wmspt. Pa.


06/12/03 Great site-love the pictures!

Grace, Fleming NY


05/22/03 I was really impresses with your birds.Very clean, very healthy.

Sandy R. Muncy, Pa.


05/02/03 Thank you for the cockatiel we bought from you. We never knew birds could be so much fun. We may just buy another bird some time. Thanks,

Kendra, Montoursville, Pa.


04/17/03 Hi, Just surfing through and enjoyed your site.

Rachel, NY



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