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So, You want to buy a parrot?

If you are new to the bird world, it is a good idea to do
a lot of research before settling on a particular species and we hope you can begin here at our site.......

In fact, it is best to begin your journey into avian interest with a smaller bird such as a budgie, cockatiel, or lovebird. Each of these birds are packed with personality, can learn to talk, and, all in all, are a charming addition to the home. Their 'chatter' is not as difficult to deal with as with larger birds, and their care is less complex- though they do require daily interaction, fresh food and water, and sanitary conditions to thrive.

{Canaries and finches make wonderful beginner birds too}

If you are set on getting a larger bird, a parrot, then please do the research before you get anything. Keep in mind that with an older bird that has come from one home, and maybe several, by the time you see him, you may be taking on some difficulties you would not anticipate. Behavior that is unpleasant, words you'd rather they not say, fear, health issues, etc. All older parrot we have taken into our home have turned out to be a positive experience, though some took some time to adjust to us and our home, and we have had our share of behavorial issues that have had to worked through.

Adjusting to a new owner and surroundings can be very traumatic for a parrot.

But, adopting an older bird can be a very rewarding experience!

A young, hand fed parrot/bird will begin with a clean slate, and though he or she will have his/her own personality, they will adjust to a new home more easily in most cases.

Understand the commitment involved

Either choice is a commitment and can be equally rewarding, and we have more information on this in our site. It might be wise to visit rescues or breeder facilities to introduce yourself to the living, breathing bird.
Please consider these things:
Is this an impulse buy?
How long have you considered an avian pet?
Do you realize the committment involved?
Do you know that some larger species might outlive you?
Do you rent or own your home?
Will your landlord approve of this pet?
Do you know that they can be very loud? I'm talking 6 city blocks loud in some cases!
What about your neighbors? How close are you to them? Will they be able to withstand the periodic/daily Banchy screams?
Do you know that birds/parrots do not understand discipline? And, that by "discipling" a bird you will only create fear and resentment?
Do you know that there will be lots of cleaning with this type of pet?
Do you know that bird poop stains clothes, carpet, and furniture indiscriminately?
Do you know that parrots can bite hard? I mean REALLY hard!
Do you know that your parrot doesn't adapt to you, YOU adapt to him?
Do you know how much different this type of pet is compared to a dog or cat?
Who will take care of this bird when you have to go away for any reason?

Cages??? The bigger the better!!!

We have a lot of information on our web site about individual species, but we also have lots of great links that will help you in your research.

Happy hunting!

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