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This is who we affectionally refer to as Mr. T. or T-Bird. He has a tough guy attitude like the all famous Mr. T. But the truth is we really don't know if he is a Mr. or Mrs. since he is still too young to tell. He has had a rough start in life after having hatched in April 2004.


"I came to this family at around 6 months old after I sat in a pet shop for four months. It was not a good experience for me with all those people coming around my cage and looking at me. So I went into survival mode and bit every finger that came in the cage. I just didn't have any other choice because strangers kept invading my space. The breeder took me back to his house and he then sold me to the people at That Bird Place until a proper family can be found for me. I might stay here forever because they told me that there has to be just the right home for me because I'm VERY special.. The people here don't seem to mind me being crabby from time to time and they gave me my own tv. Well, I have to share it with the other birds in the bird room."


We are still trying to understand his birdie psyche. He really enjoys being with people and will follow us through the house, but he is still very nippy and it's a painful bite. I won't tell you otherwise. He likes to groom our hair and tug on our clothes and will call to us when we leave the room.



He is super intelligent! He seems to be learning new words and phrases every day. He laughs and carries on conversations with our Moustache Keet, Kiwi, and at times just talks to himself. He is quite clownish and loves new toys.

Some of the things he says are, "Hello Birdie. What a pretty bird! Come here, come here, Whatcha doing? Hey! I don't know, but I didn't do it!" Unfortunately T-Bird says somes things that aren't quite so nice, but he does use these words at the appropriate time. We're hoping he gets over his potty mouth since he does not hear that around here.



He is an escape artist!

T-Bird loves toys that confound him and is always figuring out how things work, especially the locks on his cage.


"One night, after dark when the lights were out, I escaped from the birdroom and went downstairs through the double dutch doors. I walked through three rooms in the dark and found Lis sitting at the computer and tugged on her PJs to let her know I was there. For some reason, she jumped up and grabbed the cat and put him in that room with the white chair with the lid on it. Then she got big, yellow mittens that they often use in the kitchen and picked me up and put me back in my cage.

No fun at all!"

We're looking for a certain home for T-Bird. This will have to be a home where they understand that he needs loving care and patience, and to be with people who will accept him as he is. AND LOTS OF TOYS! When we know whether he is "a she or he," he might go to a home with a mate waiting for him, and he does carry the turquoise color gene. We would prefer to see him go to a home that will love him as a pet and spend time with him, but will considered an arranged marriage..LOL!


If you are interested in T-Bird/Mr. T, you can contact him by email

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