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Our LoveBirds


Please note that we have lost our Lovebird photo album and are in the process of reconstructing with new pictures and a few old ones that we saved. We are also changing our Lovebird list page to give you a better idea of what we have. Thanks for your patience.



DD= Double Dark, SD Single Dark, SFV= Single Factor Violet , DFV= Double Factor Violet , W/F= White Face, PF= Peach Face, O/F= Orange Face, R/F= Red Face. The Red Face is only a deeper version of the Peach Face, but some list them separately, as do I, so you will know exactly what color they are. There is a true Red Face Lovebird that looks quite different than the Peach Face.

Contact me for potential offspring list, what we have available as listed below, and [or] to be place on my waiting list.

UPDATED ON 01/31/08


[ These are not for sale unless otherwise noted ]

Babies Both available and non-available babies

Pair # [96J]

White Face Blue-Violet [Single Dark]

This pair was bought in November 2007 and were 6 and 7 months old. I have no history on them. They are gorgeous.

  picture soon

D/O/H Jan. 05, 08

This is a White Face-Blue-DFViolet- very pretty.

Personality says he is a male, and I am usually right. 85.00 [AVAILABLE]


A very purple tail

Pair # [ 002]

W/F DD, DFViolet Austrlian Cinnamon/Pied Cock x W/F SFV Green Australian Cinnamon Hen

This boy's rump is dark gray, almost black.

picture soon

D/O/H July 9th 2007

1 W/F double or SFViolet Austalian Cinnamon- 4th generation. [purple rump and tail]

Sex unkown-most likely female- will DNA for added 30.00. $85.00 [AVAILABLE]

A very purple tail

Pair # [001B ]

W/F SFViolet-Green/Pied Cock x W/F SFViolet Australian-Cinnnamon Hen

  picture soon
Pair # [003]

PFNormalGreen/Lutino/American Cinnamon Cock x W/F Blue Split Hen

Pair # [004]

W/F/ Dark DFViolet/Australian Cinnamon/Dblue Cock x P/FMediumDark SFViolet/Dblue Hen

  picture soon

This clutch of four includes two Peach Face, Double Dark, Single or Double Factor Violet-Visual Olive. [One sold, one available]

One Medium Dark, Single or Double Factor Violet- Visually a normal Peach Face.[AVAILABLE]

One Jan. Hatchling-not sure of color, but will either be a violet factor, or visual violet.

Pair # [005]

P/F Single Dark-DFViolet/DBlue Cock x P/F Lutino/Orange Face Hen

picture soon
Pair # [37K]

W/F Visual Dark-DFViolet Cock x W/F DFViolet/Pied Hen

picture soon

This is a Double factor Violet Pied/Australian Cinnamon. 85.00 Sibling to W/F Violet [Pair# F43]


Pair # [45BLM]

Black Mask Blue/Violet Cock x Black Mask Yellow Collared Hen

picture coming soon

Blue/Violet Black Mask Cock X Violet Black Mask Hen shown in picture
Pair # [F43] Future parents.

W/F Medium Dark, DFViolet Cock X P/F SFViolet-Australian Cinnamon hen.

Cock's parents are # 37K