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We have three and four generations of our Peach Faced Lovebirds.

DD= Double Dark, SD Single Dark, SFV= Single Factor Violet , DFV= Double Factor Violet , W/F= White Face, PF= Peach Face, O/F= Orange Face, R/F= Red Face. The Red Face is only a deeper version of the Peach Face, but some list them separately, as do I, so you will know exactly what color they are. There is a true Red Face Lovebird that looks quite different than the Peach Face.

Contact me for potential offspring list, what we have available as listed below, and [or] to be place on my waiting list.

Pictures upon request



[L34] 2 White faced, Blue/Violet

Hatched March 08-hand feeding now.

2nd generation 75.00

[L11] 1 Peach Face-Medium Dark Male

Dec. 07 hatched-2nd generation 65.00

[L56] 1 White Face, Violet Australian Cinnamon Female. Aug 07 Hatched


Genetically female- 4th generation *


1 White Face DDark Violet/Olive Aug 07 hatched 4th generation * 75.00


2 Fischers Lovebirds, one available. Approx 8 months old.