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Jay Jay's Story

Jay-Jay is our first Sun Conure we've ever had. We got her from Peggy in March 2004 when she was just 4 months old...she will be 1 year old on November 18th. She is truly an amazing bird and we are so very glad we have her. While it wasn't guaranteed that she would talk much, she now says "Hello" every time the phone rings, "Bye-Bye" when we have to go away, "Night,night" at bedtime, other words we've taught her include:  "Uh-oh, be nice, step up,  love you, what, yes, and good."

Jay-Jay is a very spoiled little girl....and we like it that way!

 ( I say she is the little girl I never had.) She loves to play hide and seek, she goes down my husband's shirt and pokes her head out. She has a home made play set that she spends most of her time on. She is only in her cage to sleep and when we go away.

This assortment of pictures below are pictures taken when she was younger. Look at the difference in just a year with the next pictures!

She eats just about anything you could imagine. Absolutely not a picky eater! She loves to drink juice from a glass (taught that by Peggy's daughter) .   Jay-Jay is a very special part of our family and we love her very much! We would recommend anyone we know(or don't know) who would like a bird to go to Peggy for one!                           Janet Rotz, Chambersburg Pa.

Contributed by Janet and Rick

These are the type of people that breeders like to see adopt their babies. We invest a lot of ourselves in these birds and we always wonder what their lives will be like when they leave us.

She is Gorgeous!!!

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