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This Sweetie Is All Personality!

{I don't have a very good digital camera. In fact, it doesn't even have a flash. So it is hard to get the right lighting for pictures.}

He is a visual green with a yellow wash on his belly and legs. His wings are blotched with a faint blue color that you have to catch in the right light, but it is there, and his tail is clearly blue. His parents are; dad/turquoise and mom/yellow. So as he gets older and has his first molt, he might go more blue or turquoise.

But it is his personality that is the main attraction!

Hatched Feb 27, 2005, he has been a real doll. Since he was an "only child" he has had the extra, EXTRA attention. I say he because he already has a ring though it has faded somewhat, so he might be a she. There is nothing he likes more than to be with someone, and he isn't particular about who that someone is. He LOVES to cuddle. We have made a real point of getting this darling socialized. He has been to a nursing home as part of our education program and he did VERY well and if he is still with us in May, he will go with us again.

He will sit quietly on your shoulder {or keyboard} while you are on the computer or watching tv and preen your hair. Sometimes he falls to sleep rolled up in my hair, and waits to "potty" when he gets back in his cage.

What a good bird!

He is very socialable and curious, and as most Ringnecks are, VERY intelligent. Ringnecks are known for their talking ability.

Their noise level is much quieter than a Conure.

As a small, featherless baby, he roomed with a little parrolet, but as he became older, he was too big and we were concerned that he might injure her with his big feet by accident. But he enjoys playing with her when they are out of their cages together. They will sit an preen each other, and he likes our other birds too.

Indian Ringnecks are an affordable option to the more expensive bigger parrots and just as much fun, and you can't hear them vocalizing for 6 city blocks.

They do require the same devotion and commitment as the larger parrots.

If you would like to bring this darling little creature into your home, you have to be very committed to him.

No impulse buying, no smokers, and you must do the research.

If interested, you can contact us.