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If you have a favorite Avian Classified board or chat board, add it here!!!

Hello, you have found That Bird Place's interactive option page. Here you find different boards for classified, chat, and discussion boards.Please be patient as we are working on the site and will be adding more boards.

Enjoy the boards, use them often, and encourage others to use them.

Read the rules below, please.


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General Discussion

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Small Hook Bills

Budgies, Lovies, Cockatiels, etc.

coming soon

Large Hook Bills

Conures, Toos, Amazon, TAGS & CAGS, etc.

coming soon

Canaries, Finches, Etc.

coming soon


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Use the boards appropriately.

No flaming, meaning no arguements or putting other people or breeders down.

Violators will be banned

These boards are for sharing information, asking questions, posting birds for sale, and chatting.


There are often contrary views between breeders and rescues, but those differences are not to come to these boards.