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Birds We Have Available {Most of our birds are in their molting season, and we discouraged breeding during this time, but we do have some babies available.}

Finches: Zebras- babies available now -Society on eggs -Lady Gouldians working the nest & on eggs- Owl Finches coming soon
More Details Click Here
Parakeets: Working the nest- fancy and regular
Cockatiels:Phases:on eggs/hatched/ready to go!More Details Click Here
Love Birds: /On eggs/Ready to go! More Details Click Here

Pacific Parrolets-coming soon
Canaries: coming soon
Sun Conures: ON EGGS
Red Lored Amazons
Working the nest

Sun Conures
Cloe & Razzle

3 new babies

Red Lored Parrots

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Our New Bird Room

One of our flight cages-parakeets in view

Flight cage

2 white face cockatiels & peach faced lovebird in view


Some of our babies

Aren't they cute!

The same gang as in two pictures above playing in and around a tabletop fountain.
They are always into mischief!