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Bird Club forming


Lycoming County Pennsylvania

and surroumding areas.

There are some happy bird owners in the Lycoming County area that have expressed an interest in a bird club. Since I am a hobby breeder and know these people; and also have knowledge of website building, I'm putting this page up for contact information.

Contact by emailing




Why a bird club?

Bird clubs are a good way to meet other people with the same interest in avian pets.

Much information about avian care can be obtained at a properly organized bird club meeting.

A bird club can serve as a local rescue with foster homes affiliated with the club members.

A bird club can recommend good breeders if you are looking for a pet.

Bird clubs can organize bird fairs which would bring breeders and vendors into the area annually, or more often.

What is needed?

Well, the first thing needed are members. A small group of bird crazy people can accomplish a lot. There is some interest in the Lycoming County area now.

We need a few people who are willing to be part of the organization so that the load does not rest on one person.

We need to gather information.

Casual meetings can take place in a home, but eventually there would be a need for more space especially for bird shows.

We need a name!

This bird club has not been formed yet. It is a work in progress only if there is an interest.