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About Us

We are a family collaboration, but our birds are managed primarily by myself and young adult daughter utilizing two households.. We are small-scale, avian hobbyists. In some cases I have one pair of a particular species, so that means that babies are not always available. Our homes are not wall-to-wall birds or bird cages. My home is a large home and in addition to our bird room, our "companion" birds live in a sunny front room, and we have a small baby area. This is three of ten rooms. I like order and cleanliness. We will continue to stay small in order to give all our babies and family pets a quality of individual attention that makes them excellent pets. I've been raising birds for 25+ years and have had birds all of my life. My family has grown up making birdie sounds and cocking our head to look at something with one eye. :-) You will not find a large selection of birds as in variety or quantity, but you will find a small number of babies that get a lot of attention.

That being said, since our family has become involved with rescue over that past few years, my viewpoints have shifted a bit. Since we have birds, people think we want more birds and ask us to take their bird or parrot when they no longer want him or her. Since I have been involved with re-homing [and no, I do not want more birds] we felt that some kind of rescue program was necessary since there was nothing like that in our area. We belong to a local group called Wings Over Williamsport and, in fact, our family got it started and I continue to hold the founder status. But, I would like to phases out to just being a member. Anyway, we do have a rescue program consisting of 8 foster homes at the time of this writing. I am not one of them though I do the organizing and am the main contact person.

This experience of rescue has caused me to come to some personal decisions. I no longer raise the larger birds because they tend to be the most problematic when people do not realize the committment that this involves. As a result, shelters and rescues are swamped. My personal opinion, after having exotic birds a part of my life for all of my life, is that they should have been left in the wild. I believe that there is a place for responsible breeding today and this is why I have continued to reduce what I have over the past few years. In most cases I have one pair of a particular species that have babies once or twice a year at most. I continue to enjoy the experience of birdie babies and I also enjoy the excitement new birdie owners have and I don't see that disolving completely in the near future.

Our birds; Moustache Parakeets,Green Cheek Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Pacific Parrolets have large flight cages, and {or} play areas, {some-8' long and 7' feet high} with natural-non-toxic tree limbs. We have two flights that we can walk in to, and smaller flights so that all of our breeding pairs have room to fly. The bird room is equipped with full spectrum lighting on timers, climate control, and even music and tv! We also have a large play gym that is suspended from the ceiling in the bird room. Our breeding pairs are not just "ware-housed breeders." They are our pets and when not busy incubating eggs, they spend much time out of the flight cage with our family.

Our babies aren't just fed throughout the day. We interact with them constantly, gently, and affectionately. As many babies as we have reared through the many years, we are still delighted and amazed at each little milestone accomplished by new little beings.

I also work with other breeders/friends and occasionally buy out of the nest from them. But I don't buy from people that I do not know well. This means that I may be able to match you up with what you are looking for or even raise it for you under the right circumstances.

All of our birds receive a nutritious variety of proteins, fresh fruit and lots of vegetables of all colors, whole wheat pastas and breads, etc, and they do not exist solely on pre-mixed seed or pellets. I buy Brown's Fortified seed and have been using it for years along with a mix of other things with the seed actually being just 20-30% of the mix.

I do not sell to pet stores because I want to know the people that will be caring for my babies... And, we do not ship, we do not ship, we DO NOT SHIP. I prefer not to sell to smokers and it will be a question that I will ask. The life span of a bird is most often shortened when exposed to cigarette smoke. Why purchase any pet if you are going to pollute the air that they breathe?

All of our babies go home with a care and information packet and follow up communication. We do have a buyer's contract with larger birds that you must sign that will assure us that our birds will not get bounced from home to home. I also have a rigid policy that you can find on my 4-sale page. This policy was constructed through the experience that I have had, and it is an attempt to cover the bases.