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If you don't see what you are looking for here, let me know. I might be able to find it for you! I do know other reputable breeders and may be able to help you in your search for a healthy, loving pet.I do occasionally buy birds/parrots out of the nest so I might also have something other than what we raise.
Be sure to read through our policy below.


As of Spring/Summer 2012, We have Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Pacific Parrotlets. I am reducing my flock so I have older Tiels, young Tiels ready to pair up that are available at a fraction of the normal price and a very lovely and young pair of lovebirds. We will be opening up our nestboxes when cooler weather comes in August or Sept. We recently moved so are giving the flock a time to adjust and don't like to stress them in the heat.

My Cockatiels are the product of a 25+ year line and are bred for temperament.


{Please note that the birds in these pictures are samples of what we have. If you would like to see pictures of current babies, contact me.]


The bird in this picture is a sample of what we have. We have a strong dominant silver line and we also have Yellow Cheek along with the most common colors. Cockatiel prices range from 75.00-125.00


Currently have a beautiful young pair that has had two clutches. In fact I kept one of their babies and she is a peach-face, violet Australian Cinnamon. They are: Male- W/F double dark violet Australian Cinnamon and she is a peach face American Cinnamon. $100 for the pair.

Pacific Parrotlets

[the smallest true parrot]

Will be setting up nestboxes by late Summer.

Green Fallow male with Blue hen [ 1 female-green split to fallow and blue who was one in April 2012

Yellow/blue/green male with green/blue/yellow [nesting]

Green/blue [possibly split to yellow] male with green/blue hen Parrotlet prices range between 80.00-400.00


Baby green cheeks like to sleep on their backs.

Green Cheek Conures

I will no longer be breeding Green Cheeks, but can put you in touch with reputable breeders who do and will buy them out of the nest from time to time.



~2003 - 2012~

This is our general policy and it may be flexible at our discretion.



We do not sell unweaned babies.


Payments accepted through Paypal. Must clear before pick up.


We will accept a check as a deposit , but it must clear before pick up. Balance must be in cash or a U.S. postal money order on pick up.


Reserve: We do not accept deposits on babies until they get beyond the crucial time-usually 4-5 weeks of age. We will reserve that baby for you and will contact you when we feel it is safe to accept a deposit. You may reserve any bird as soon as they are hatched. Prior to hatching you can be placed on out waiting list.


Generally, we ask that the bird be picked up within two weeks after the baby is weaned and we are ready to release him/her.

The exception to this would be if you are making payments.

Payment arrangements are accepted, but the bird stays with us until paid in full and a payment plan will be worked out on an individual basis.


At times we are willing to meet you part way only when we are not on a 2-3 hour hand feeding schedule. But generally, we prefer that you come here. It is better that you come and and spend some time getting to know the bird you are interested in before buying it. We would much rather that you say, "No thanks" than have you go home with a bird that is not right for you.

We do not guarantee any type of transportation and will be charging a transportation fee with the rising cost of gas especially with lower priced birds.


We do not sell to smokers or homes that have smokers. Read more; BUT I NEVER SMOKE IN THE HOUSE!

We do not sell a bird that will be a very young child's pet unless there is guaranteed adult supervision at all times, and we will not sell a bird as a pet for any child under eight.

Generally, a few emails and a phone conversation is the first part of our screening process. There are certain things I will "look" for in a conversation that tells me this will be a good home for our baby. On ocassions we have had people come to the house and have declined the sale because we were not at ease. Therefore I cannot guarantee that the bird will go home with you until I have met you in person. In this case ALL money would be refunded.


All sales are final

We do want people to be happy with their new pet, but we do not exchange one bird for another if you are not satisfied with your baby. [They are not furniture] We realize that personality conflicts happen, but we can not discern or control what may be going on in your home between you and your new pet, or the stress the bird may be under. We take every step to assure that it is a good match before you take the bird home.

We do not offer to buy back your pet in the event you can no longer keep him or don't want him, unless it is within the guarantee time. We do have a buyer's contract that says the bird comes back to us if you can no longer keep him or her. At times we might assist you in finding a new home for him/her.


A well bird guarantee goes home with all of our babies along with a care and information packet. We have three and four generations with some of our birds, so we stand behind their health. Our guarantee is good for 3 days for smaller birds, and 7 days for larger birds and is very specific. Part of the reason we offer a guarantee, and urge people to take their new pet for a well bird check up, is so that you can get to know an avian vet in a non-emergency situation, and that vet can get to know your new pet. When an emergency happens, the last thing you want to have to do is to frantically try to find a vet near you!

If we have the slightest question about a bird's health, we will not release it to new owners and this may mean you will have to wait a little longer, but it is for your best and the bird's in the long run.

Our packet consists of a "Taking Baby Home" instruction sheet along with a hatch certificate, information on that species, guidelines for training, information about biting, our views on wing clipping, and some other [hopefully] helpful information. Our packets are different for each species and are more detailed with larger bird.

Follow up communication and questions are highly encouraged. Please let us know how things are going, and please do contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


We have a buyer's contract for our birds that states that if the buyer can no longer keep the bird, it comes back to us, or at the very least, we will help you place them. This assures us that our baby isn't going to be bounced from home to home and that in the event the buyer can no longer keep him/her, he or she will go to an appropriate home. Again, we do not buy your bird back.


We put a lot of time, love, energy, and care into raising our babies. For very young babies, the first feeding is at 6am and the last at midnight. I arrange my schedule around hand feeding. We watch every milestone and spurt of growth that happens between feedings. There is also a lot of kitchen time preparing food. Each baby is very precious to us. For this reason, our first priority is that bird and the home and family he or she will be going home to.

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